Darragh O'Brien Masthead


At DOBA, all of our work is designed around the physical experience of architectural space, not as defined by a mere collection of symbolic objects, but as a series of connected, multi-sensory volumes and events. We recognise that environmental meanings emerge for us in different but shared ways as, moment by moment, sensory information becomes uniquely available to each of us. We perceive our personal environments through the reflective filters of individual and collective past, present and anticipated future experiences.

"Human Experience is a continuous multi-stranded stream of upstream memories and downstream anticipations, flowing in a bed of present times, places and occasions." - Phillip Thiel

Our work therefore responds to the concept of change – change in seasons, weather, light, needs and desires so that it continues to provide meaningful experiences long after the novelty of first experience has worn off.

Our commitment is to quality. In order to produce the best possible architectural outcome within the limitations of brief, time and budget, we approach all projects as opportunities for collaborative negotiation with clients, consultants and contractors.

Whether we are designing a private residence, or an experimental learning environment, research plays a major role in our process. Our principal, Darragh O'Brien has gained over eighteen years experience as an architect and educator and has completed a PhD in architecture. As a result, we provide a unique set of evidence-based design techniques to create environments that are tailored to our client's needs..

With a unique emphasis on human experience, collaboration and research DOBA have produced award-winning architectural spaces that are designed to evolve once they have been occupied.