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Williamstown 22

Design for three private residences.

type Residential
Status Completed to tender documentation stage in 2010

This boutique development was located on the site of a former weatherboard cottage in Williamstown. Overlooking the bay, the design for each of the three dwellings emerged from an exploration of scale and spatial flow between the domestic interior and the outside world; a threshold where the need for view competes with the need for privacy.
As part of a sustainable design strategy, enclosed living spaces were minimised to reduce energy consumption however, each space also opened onto a sheltered external area. In this way internal space could expand and contract as required, in response to external conditions. Where appropriate, habitable spaces were also designed to flow one into the other but could also be closed when required. In this way, a series of interconnected vistas threaded their way through the levels of each dwelling and connected with the next.